19 September 13:36 (Europe/Moscow)
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Western Spirit livescore

Team Name:Western Spirit
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International Club Friendly
F08/07/16 13:30 Annerley FCy 2-1 Western Spirit y [1-0] H2H Odds
F08/07/16 11:30 Annerley FC 2-1 Western Spirit [1-0] H2H Odds
F14/01/12 09:00 North Pine United 2-2 Western Spirit [0-1] H2H Odds
F13/05/17 10:00 Western Spirity 5-1 Park Ridge y [2-1] H2H Odds
Australia Brisbane Capital League 2
F14/07/17 12:30 Centenary Stormersy 5-1 Western Spirit y [3-0] H2H Odds
Australia Brisbane Cup

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