17 June 02:57 (Europe/Moscow)

Macau of China livescore

Team Name:Macau of China
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FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC)
International Friendly
F22/03/18 15:00 Macau of Chinay 0-1 Mauritius y [0-1] H2H Odds
EAFF East Asian Cup
F04/09/18 08:00 Macau of Chinay 2-0 Guam Island y [1-0] H2H Odds
F02/09/18 12:00 Mongoliay 4-1 Macau of China r y [2-0] H2H Odds
AFC Asian Cup
F27/03/18 14:30 Myanmar 1-0 Macau of China [0-0] H2H Odds

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