Fluminense Goaaal! [2-3]

CD Cuenca - LDU Quito 14.02.2020

When playing at home, CD Cuenca have not lost to LDU Quito in their last 3 encounters.

CD Cuenca haven't lost in their last 4 games.

CD Cuenca have won 3 home matches in a row.

The most common result of matches between CD Cuenca and LDU Quito when CD Cuenca is playing at home is 0-0. 8 matches have ended with this result.

The most common result of matches between CD Cuenca and LDU Quito is 0-0. 9 matches have ended with this result.

CD Cuenca wins 1st half in 25% of their matches, LDU Quito in 29% of their matches.

CD Cuenca wins 25% of halftimes, LDU Quito wins 29%.

CD Cuenca's performance of the last 5 matches is better than LDU Quito's.

In LigaPro Primera A, CD Cuenca has better performance than LDU Quito.

CD Cuenca have lost just 0 of their last 5 LigaPro Primera A games against LDU Quito.

LDU Quito have won just 0 of their last 5 LigaPro Primera A games against CD Cuenca.

CD Cuenca have lost just 1 of their last 5 games against LDU Quito (in all competitions).

In the last 5 meetings CD Cuenca won 2, LDU Quito won 1, 2 draws.

The winner of their last meeting was CD Cuenca.

On their last meeting CD Cuenca won by 1 goals.

CD Cuenca scores 1.4 goals in a match against LDU Quito and LDU Quito scores 1 goals against CD Cuenca (on average).

CD Cuenca scores 1.8 goals when playing at home and LDU Quito scores 1.04 goals when playing away (on average).

Average number of goals in meetings between CD Cuenca and LDU Quito is 2.4.

When CD Cuenca leads 1-0 at home, they win in 88% of their matches.

When LDU Quito leads 0-1 away, they win in 63% of their matches.

When CD Cuenca is down 0-1 home, they win 0% of their matches.

When LDU Quito is down 1-0 away, they win 0% of their matches.

Average number of goals in the first half in meetings between CD Cuenca and LDU Quito is 1.

During the last 28 meetings with CD Cuenca playing at home, CD Cuenca have won 9 times, there have been 13 draws while LDU Quito have won 6 times. The goal difference is 25-23 in favour of CD Cuenca.

During the last 56 meetings, CD Cuenca have won 16 times, there have been 20 draws while LDU Quito have won 20 times. The goal difference is 64-53 in favour of LDU Quito.

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