Amora FC vs GDC A-dos-Francos (Women)

Head To Head
wins draws wins
1 0 0
2 Goals 0
0 Yellow cards 0
0 Red cards 0

Starting from 2020 the team of Amora FC and the team of GDC A-dos-Francos (Women) had 1 matches among which there were 1 winning matches for Amora FC, 0 played in draw.

Teams are in competition with each other in such tournaments as Campeonato Nacional, Women and occupy the following positions of the tournament table:

Campeonato Nacional, Women
Amora FC - 3 points, 1 victories, 0 draws, 2 defeats. Total score is 4 goals with 10 goals missed.
GDC A-dos-Francos (Women) - 0 points, 0 winning matches, 0 played in draw, 3 defeats. Total number of goals is 1 goals with 9 goals missed.

Story of confrontations
Amora FC - Gdc A Dos Francos (17.10.2020) 2:0

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