Musan Salama - SJK Akatemia 16.09.2020

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eazy life 16/09 12:21

yes ft 3:2

Ajay 16/09 12:21


Joe 16/09 12:19

Ft 3:2 Thanks to Jesus

Salamandar 16/09 12:19

Ft game over

Baba.k 16/09 12:19

Goal away. Yes

The match between Musan Salama and their rivals from SJK Akatemia takes place as part of the competition of Ykkonen at the Porin Stadion arena.
Date of the game: 16.09.2020 10:30
The referee of this game is Reitala, Oliver

Statistics of previous confrontations between the team of Musan Salama and the team of SJK Akatemia:
The confrontation of SJK Akatemia and Musan Salama on 18.07.2020 finished with the score of 0:2.
The confrontation of Musan Salama and SJK Akatemia on 04.03.2017 ended with the score of 1:3.

Summary of the participants:
Team: Musan Salama
Country: Finland
Coach: Ulanen, Ville

Team: SJK Akatemia
Country: Finland
Coach: Page, Brian

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