Niva Vinnitsa - Krystal Kherson 16.09.2020

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Ifun 16/09 10:26

Gbera, Away were

Oruma 16/09 10:18

Away gbera

Oruma 16/09 10:18

Away gbera

kenny 16/09 09:52

In futbol24 the game is 1;1

Bananas 16/09 09:42

Away 4lufe

The competition of Niva Vinnitsa and the team of Krystal Kherson takes place within the competition of Ukraine Cup at the Nyva Stadion arena.
Time of the game: 16.09.2020 09:00

Statistics of the teams:
Team: Niva Vinnitsa
Country: Ukraine
Coach: Solovenko, Yuri

Team: Krystal Kherson
Country: Ukraine
Coach: Khavrov, Eduard

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